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Different Trips

Float Trips

Our specialty is float fishing from aboard a drift boat which provides the angler(s) access to non-wadeable water. While seated comfortably upon padded swivel seats the angler is brought to within easy casting distance of formerly unreachable lies, often the home of large trout or salmon.With the increased fishing pressure witnessed along the shore of most rivers a fly fishing float trip aboard one of our driftboats can transport the angler far from the crowds and into another world.

working a pocket on the Conn.

Fishing from a drift boat gives you access to fish that can be reached in no other way. The fish being covered in this way have seen far less fishing pressure than those in areas accessible by wading. Last but not least, drift boat fishing aboard the Osprey allows the anlger to rapidly and effortlessly move from unproductive water to a spot with actively working fish.

working a healthy Connecticut river fish

The source of the Connecticut river is a system of four lakes with magnificent stretches of river between them. At key times of the year these can provide superb fly fishing and a host of memories to warm your heart during the long winter months.

cow slips in bloom on river's edge

With the rivers bordered by majestic evergreens and/or flood plain forests sightings of wildlife are common. Deer, otter, eagles, osprey and a host of other wildlife make this habitat their home. The chance but frequent sighting of a moose or bear swimming the river or along the shoreline adds an extra dimension to an already enjoyable trip.

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Day Trips

After meeting the guide at a prearranged spot and time the guest will be treated to a full day of matching wits with wild trout or salmon. Trips are tailored to the wishes and safety of the client and , with more than a dozen different floats available to them, the novice or expert seeking to learn or hone their skills will find these two rivers make an excellent ‘classroom’.

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Half Day Trips

Something new this year, by requests from several of our past clientle are to provide half day trips on the North Country's two mighty rivers. Whether you are trying to optimize a particular hatch or simply would prefer to fish a shorter period of time this trip may fit your bill. These trips will be limited to five and a half hours of tempting the fish with your offerings. Perhaps the thought of fishing the evening hatch or the early morning sipping rises of the fish warm your blood. Unlike our full day trips, lunches or meals will not be provided but we will supply complimentary snacks, water, and coffee included in the cost of the trip. Morning trips begin @ 8:30 AM while afternoon trips do so @ 2:00 PM. Some flexibility is available at our discretion to suit the clients wishes.

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Ospreys I & II are Western style drift boats designed to carry a maximum of two anglers in comfort. Osprey II is the larger of the two dorys with knee braces both in the bow and stern and is typically used for normal to higher water levels. Osprey I is the smaller of the two and has a knee brace only in the bow and is used by either a single fisherman or during low water conditions. From either of these boats the angler can cast safely from a standing position should they choose, and at the same time, methodically covering the choicest of fish lies in comfort.

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Wade Trips

Whether due to water/weather conditions or by angler request we also offer ‘wade trips'. To many a fly fisherman there is no finer way to enjoy the sport than when standing thigh deep in a river being serenaded by sounds only a river can make.Wade fishermen should be prepared for wading moss and algae covered rocks in moderate to fast moving water. To assure angler comfort and safety we reccommend either felt soled waders and preferably some interchangeable studded soles to prevent the spread of invasive species from one fishery to another.

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Both the Connecticut and Androscoggin Rivers can be difficult to wade at times with the fast current and slippery bottom. Water levels also fluctuate and therefore wading is not always possible. We reserve the right to shorten or decline to wade when conditions are deemed not safe to do so.

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Three Day Package

This package combines all the amenities of our daily trips with three memorable days spent fishing New Hampshire's two finest rivers at a discounted rate. Should the angler choose this package they will fish three different sections of river by day while relaxing at night in the comfort of their chosen lodgings. These three days do not need to be sequential should you choose to try out more than one season in a given year. The three dates must be in the same caldendar year. Variety can sometimes be the ticket to experiencing different hatches on the rivers and the opportunity of fishing by different methods to meet them. A list of accommodations near the water we fish can be found at: Reservations & Current Rates

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Whether the brawling waters of the Andy, the pastoral solitude of the Connecticut, or some combination of the two, this trip is sure to provide a host of memories and tales to exchange with friends. In the past clients have also suggested that the likelihood of 'hitting the hatch' and/or optimal conditions is much improved with three days over a single day on the river.

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Each Trip Includes...

A guide fully aware of current hatches and/or local river conditions.

An excellent fly selection available to 'match the hatch'.

A trip tailored to client's wishes and/or physical condition.

A hearty lunch fit for the healthiest of appetites.

Fly casting instruction available prior to your trip at no additional cost.

Magnificent scenery and the time to enjoy it.

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